PERU Mercedes Carranza

Mercedes Carranza Montenegro is one of the founders of JUMARP El Palto cooperative. He is a father of 5 whose involvement in JUMARP has enabled him to give his children the opportunity to study at university. Mercedes plans to continue producing specialty coffee to give his children the best futures possible.

Across Peru, farm sizes are small, and most families pitch in together to bring in a successful coffee harvest, when coffee is selectively handpicked.

The remoteness of farms combined with their small size means that producers need either middlemen or cooperatives to help get their coffee to market. Cooperative membership protects farmers from exploitation and can make a huge difference regarding their income from coffee. 


Coffee grade:
          Gr 1. FW

         Finca La Palmera 

         Bourbon, Catimor, Pache
         Fully washed

         1,600 meters above sea level

         Mercedes Carranza Montenegro

         Gracias a Dios, Lonya Grande


Farm size:
         6 hectares