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Fresh notes of citruses, buttercreamy mouthfeel and dark chocolate finish

200g roasted coffee beans



Coffee grade                                     FW Scr. 15+

Farm/coop/station                            Masha Washing Station

Varietal                                              Red Bourbon

Processing                                        Fully washed

Altitude                                              1672 m

Subregion/Town                               Gihororo

Region                                               Kayanza

Farm size                                          200 to 250 trees on average

Certifications                                    #7 2017 Burundi Cup of Excellence



Masha station was built in 1989, in a sub-hill more famous for its cattle than its coffee. The name Masha comes from the Kirundi word amasho, meaning “herds of cattle”. 

Many trees in Burundi are Red Bourbon. The average smallholder has approximately 250 trees, normally in their backyards. During the harvest season, coffee is selectively hand-picked, almost entirely by the family. The average producer sells about 200-300 kg of cherry annually.

Much of this small-scale production is of exceptional quality, with its super sweet, clean and often floral coffees.

Before exportation, coffee is sorted by a team of hand-pickers to ensure zero defects. It takes a team of two hand-pickers a full day to look over a single bag. During high season, 10% of Burundi’s capital population is employed to process coffee. 

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