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COLOMBIA - Alex Bermudez

COLOMBIA - Alex Bermudez

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Complex and delicate coffee, deep white peach flavor highlighted by berries, complemented by caramel notes and a lactic creamy finish.

200g roasted coffee beans



Farm.                                                 Finca El Paraíso

Varietal                                              Castillo

Processing                                        Washed - thermal shock

Fermentation                                    Aerobic and anaerobic

Altitude                                              1960 m

Region                                               Cauca, Piendamo

Farm size                                           4.5 hectares



Alex Bermudez, co-owner of the El Paraíso farm, came to the world of coffee under the influence of his brother Diego Samuel Bermudez, who studied agricultural business administration. Although the family was not a coffee grower, they had a farm where Diego was able to start planting his first coffee crop, where he would pave the way not only for himself, but also for his family who supported him in the idea.

Diego, due to his extensive knowledge, began to work in the national federation of coffee growers, and Alex was left with the role of taking charge of the farm, with the teachings of his brother.

They started to work hand in hand, going beyond traditional techniques, improving cultivation and processing practices through innovation, and even creating their own equipment to produce a very high quality coffee.

Thermal shock consists in exposing coffee beans to hot and then cold water during processing. This technique, developed by Diego, allows to fix a greater amount of flavors and aromas produced during fermentation.

Today Alex Bermudez is the quality director of INDESTEC S.A.S, a family business whose purpose is to improve the conditions of production, processing and marketing of specialty coffee in the world, thus helping large and small producers.

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