About us





An unforgettable cold brew in the intense heat of Kampot.
A refined and timeless moment in Café de l’Ambre in Tokyo.
These two experiences led us here, gravitating in the vast coffee universe.

So you can always enjoy freshly roasted coffee beans.

About our micro-roastery

We roast small batches, on demand, in our space in Lisboa. 

We work with conscientiously selected importers. Above their expertise in the specialty coffee industry, they also support the farmers in a positive way.

We carefully choose our coffees after a thorough process of sample roasting. 

Roasting coffee is a craft, and we aim to do it in a way that highlights the uniqueness of each coffee. 



About our environment
The environmental issue is obviously in our minds.

To be as sustainable as possible, our electrical roaster is powered with 100% green energies, our coffee bags are 100% recyclable and our shipping material is recycled and European made.

We believe that small actions can make a difference.