About us

Hi !

We are Alexandra and Adrien, founders of Comēte Coffee Roasters.


A decade ago, we became hooked by specialty coffee. Tasting as much coffees and visiting as many coffeeshops as we could was our main pastime. The love was growing so strong, that after endless chats around amazing cups of coffee, we decided to quit our jobs as pharmacists, quit our city -Paris- and move to Lisbon with a crazy idea : opening our own micro-roastery.

We chose Portugal for many reasons, but mainly because -for us- it was the perfect place to open an independent specialty coffee business. We built our small factory, took demanding courses, trained hard...and here we are.

Our goal is to roast better and better, to discover coffees that will thrill you, to never stop learning, and above all to never stop dreaming.

We see Comēte as an evolving and inspiring project.


Join us for this journey !