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BRAZIL - Fazenda Bagagem

BRAZIL - Fazenda Bagagem

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Caramel and vanilla flavors, highlighted by a balanced acidity and an intense almond finish.

200g roasted coffee beans



Coffee grade                           16+

Varietal                                    Yellow Catuaí

Processing                              Honey

Altitude                                    1050 m

Owner                                      Orioli Family

Region                                      Chapada dos Veadeiros

Farm size                                 150 hectares



Fazenda Bagagem is located in the heart of Brazil, on the slopes of Chapada dos Veadeiros, within the state of Goiás, approximately 180 km from the capital, Brasília.

The region is rich in natural resources. The elements of altitude, climate, soil, temperature, and rainfall are ideal for the production of high-quality coffees.

Fazenda Bagagem is family-owned by the Orioli's. 

In 2018, the farm obtained UTZ and Rainforest Sustainability certifications, which recognize sustainable practices in production.

In 2019, they became certified as producers of specialty coffees by the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA).


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