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COLOMBIA - Jhoan Vergara

COLOMBIA - Jhoan Vergara

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Spicy coffee with notes of black cherry, candy cane, with a hint of lemongrass.

200g roasted coffee beans



Farm.                                                 Finca Las Flores

Varietal                                              Red Bourbon

Processing                                        Washed - thermal shock

Fermentation                                    Aerobic and anaerobic

Altitude                                              1750 m

Region                                               Huila, Acevedo

Farm size                                           16.5 hectares



Finca Las Flores began in 1990, originally only 2 over 16 ha were cultivated in coffee, and it is when Jhoan’s parents began their work. By 1998 the farm was already fully cultivated, and at this time the productive cycle was very traditional. In 2006, Jhoan’s mother competed in the Cup of Excellence and was ranked 16th, she paved the way for his children to explore the world of specialty coffees. Jhoan then became responsible of theoretical and practical knowledge on coffee-related issues.


Already quality-focused, Carlos, Jhoan and Diego decided to take the next step : developing replicable profiles to thus be able to highlight the potential of each variety. Carlos and Diego oversee processing, fermentation and drying while Jhoan is in charge of analyzing the experiments, defining which process is better according to the variety and judges the quality.


In 2019, Jhoan participated in the Master of Coffee contest in the coffee grower - roaster modality, and ended up in the 1st place of 162 participants with their flagship pink bourbon.

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